Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Young Smoke - Space Zone

Heir to Drexciya.....? This album is so so More Brilliant then the Sun material..... As well as fragmented dislocated android voices check how ("malign gremlins perverse voco-imps and the metallically dredged VaderVoder..... hyperbabble to ultraslow" - text remixed),..... rather than an eckoplex distorting space and time, space and time are dissolved and folded into one another through an erratic and dizzying disrhythmia... syncopation discombobulation. ("you can't catch the beat, the tails of sound as they turn round a corner, disappear down a corridor (...) where rhythm should be there is space, and vice versa. (...) pivots around an absent beat (...) Every track ambushes you, confound the process of pattern recognition by leaving the unexpected beat implied" K.E. - p.64)

Also-  check out psycho war - track 23 on Bangs and Works

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