Thursday, 7 March 2013

Foetal Syllabic Understanding

Alfred Tomatis! Who said that:

"6. Communication is a process that begins in utero. The unborn child hears as early as the fourth month after conception. Sound actually helps grow the fetus’s brain and nervous system."

 Not so suspect after all!!!! Check out this study

Ripped straight from Neuroscience Research Techniques

A team of French researchers has discovered that the human brain is capable of distinguishing between different types of syllables as early as three months prior to full term birth.
Image: (Upper) Schematic representation of the location of the optical probe on an infant’s head relatively to anatomical landmarks. (Lower) Estimated projection of the optodes on the brain of a 30 wGA preterm infant [courtesy of Petra Huppi and Jessica Dubois]. The eight emitters (red circles) are arranged on two 1.5-cm-diameter circles centered by the two detectors (black circles), creating 10 points of measure (channels) over each hemisphere (blue circles).

Further info:
Journal article and image credit: Syllabic discrimination in premature human infants prior to complete formation of cortical layers, PNAS, 2013



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