Monday, 21 April 2014

Transmètic — 1 May

Modulating between the abstract/(in)aesthetic through the rhythmic/4-to-the-floor and back again, Transmètic is a night of schizo-disciplinary interchange.

Featuring artwork/performance/music by:

DJ Big Lasagne
Tim Dixon
Rachael Finney
it’s la*b
Karaoke Ziensgholt
Leonardo Liccini
Plastique Fantastique
rewot wint
Leonor Serrano-Rivas
So Liar X
Harrie Skully
Neasa Terry
Maria Yashchanka
Xi Xi Zhao Zou
+ More TBC

£3 on the door

This event is brought to you by students from
Department of (Aural &) Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Robot Whispers

Reminds me of the Cronenbergian phone we discussed in Vocalities but also the drive to bond with machines from the Turkle book.

Notice the slight assumption that emotional subtleties are already a form of language, signs or code that can be "imprinted onto senses" - like they are consistent, homogenous and quantifiable things that can exist outside of the user - objectified.

"Breath temperature, humidity, smell, and vocal qualities. It augments emotional subtleties and imprints them onto our senses."

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Marc Couroux at LGS: “Sabotage the Audiostat! Hyperstitional Paracoustics & Chronoportational Pragmètics”

For lines of communication will progressively become cross-institutional circuits, the below…

ST. MARTINS will be hosting

“Sabotage the Audiostat! Hyperstitional Paracoustics & Chronoportational Pragmètics”
Marc Couroux (York University, Toronto)

16h-18h on APRIL 15, 2014
Granary Building, E003 (Central Saint Martins)

Music’s amenability to cybernetics is underlined by Claude Shannon, who defined a “singing condition ” as the inability of an automata to recognize its loopy entrapment. Music’s particular affordances, vitalities, and teleological necessities could serve as a model to help ensure a preordained future through the transformation and regulation of extra-musical sound, channelling the impersonal, inhuman death drive (positive feedback) into homeostatic equilibrium (negative feedback). Noise, far from being a nuisance to such cybernetic systems, is in fact essential to periodically restart them. How might an effectively transgressive practice operate given the alien, invasive neuro-military-entertainment avant-garde; what hyperstitional, paradromic methods might hijack and mutate uncommitted affective excess, escaping the reach of capitalist territorialization? This event is intended as a conversation probing the multifarious linkages between music, affective modulation and chronoportation.

Free event, all welcome.