Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Lacanian Map (II part, I am so bad with blogs )

The child born in to language tries to master reality with his speech. His action destroys the thing that it causes to appear and disappear in the anticipating provocation of its absence and presence: fort, da! Words and speech (as question) represent the eternalization of his desire for the other. ‘That is the only life that endures and that is true’. p.103

There is in negation a final triumph: the subject says ‘NO!’ to the identification with the other. In this sense speech is more than a metaphor because it reveals at the same time the dialectic of desire and its mastering through speech and words. Both this two things establish subjectivity and speech reveals itself to be its structure.

The subject brings his solitude to realization p. 105

‘The psychoanalytic experience has rediscovered in man the imperative of the Word as the law that has formed him in its image. It manipulates the poetic function of language to give to his desire its symbolic mediation. THAT IS THE GIFT OF SPEECH. IT IS BY WAY OF THIS GIFT THAT ALL REALITY HAS COME TO MAN AND IT IS BY HIS CONTINUED ACT THAT HE MANTAINS IT p. 106

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