Wednesday, 5 January 2011

"i got that future soul/that digital spit"

a forensically close listen to the hits of the Black Eyed Peas suggests that they are the populist vanguard of vocal science today

which makes's tribute/heist here of buggles's vocally-processed "video kills the radio star" fitting

that song's guest-voxist nicki minaj contributed a glistening pearl of autotuned chorus to this stray gem off lil wayne's misbegotten :rock" album from early 2010


  1. i esp love "imma be" by BEP...mutant funk...

  2. I've feared that they were the vanguard for a few years now. Fergie has definitely changed everything about music. is huge time at a grocery store in Hollywood I saw him coming down the milk aisle wearing shiny leather chucks with straps up to the knees

  3. Victoria Beckham was a classic.

    "This song is going to punish you" ... hmmm