Saturday, 22 January 2011

90s called they want their everything back

I'm posting something that I find rather intriguing. A new video by the estonian pop princess Kerli. she won somekinda tv superstar competition when she was a teenager, then went to sweden to get produced and finally ended up in LA where she has been for the last 4 years. she is signed to def jam and will release her 2nd album this year. she has been super active using all the internet channels you can think of and has managed to get a considerable following, yet she is not a household name by any means, more like an internet phenomenon.

the thing is that estonians have a massive pop cultural complex because basically no estonian has made it big internationally, arvo pärt does not count, im talking about radio pop. so the whole nation is waiting for kerli to break through in the states - cannot predict whether she will. what is funny about her is that she is (marketed as) a bit of a weirdo - i find it interesting as in general, there has been a massive psychedelia but also 90s newageymusic comeback, she somehow flirts with all these things, for example she has started this "moon children" movement and talks constantly about "love-peace-unity". when i read the comments it seems to me that most of her fans are like a bit "alternative" US teenagers (with a fringe or smth) who seem to be into this kind of strange but still utterly mainstream stuff.

kerli has been compared to lady gaga and although their reference points are completely different, the fact that the music sounds so lame 90s eurodance is probably something that they both share. once again shows how this kind of artists function more as "visual" phenomenons and the music is just designed to please the "everyman's" ear, focusing mainly on uh-uhs, eh-ehs, oh-ohs and so on. i still cannot understand how it is possible to extract tiny parts of everything and come up with this kind of mainstream monstermix. but she is creative 4 sure, so is gaga. just do not like the necessity to constantly turn everything into marketing and target group analysis.

ps. if you are wondering whether i know kerli then the answer is no but i know loads of people who do, the country is just sooo small. of course i want her to make it. cnn featured her in somekinda futurisms-list so we'll see

Kerli - Army Of Love from HD VIDEOS on Vimeo.

PLUS her most successful single so far, "walking on air" from the lolita-goth-r'n'b period:)

Kerli "Walking on Air" from Aggressive on Vimeo.

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