Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Poto and Cabengo

"Poto and Cabengo are twin girls from Southern California who don’t communicate with those around them but have invented a language of their own. In his first American film, Jean-Pierre Gorin weaves a personal documentary around an account of their fate; the film deals with his own exile and the white underclass in San Diego, as well as with the American dream and language itself. In the end the twins are ‘normalised’ by being subjected to a ‘learning process’, which significantly robs them not only of much of their imagination but also of their fascination." (
Does anyone now this film...? it's a while ago that I've been seeing it but i remember it as fascinating .. it's not at the library though.. :(


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  2. wanna c!
    tried torrent but no luck
    waiting to be saved now!?

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  4. My twin sister and I both called each other by the same name until it was suggested to us that we should differentiate this appellation. My sister kept the "common" name and I took a modified version. You/I/FirstName were all in one word.

    taatan => taatan + miitan

    I often associate name/naming as frightful force behind individual identity formation for children (or even animals). My first response to Kennedy Twins would be, what did these girls call each other? Did they use their given names? Or did they call each other by a form of invented plural-i or single-i?