Tuesday, 14 December 2010

AK-47 as Cryptogram

In application of further psycho-political meanderings, ala Avital Ronell's Support Our Tropes (1992), I was reminded of two clips involving the Washington D.C. based, underground show-biz provocateur, Ian Svenonius. In the clip above, Svenonius outlines the technology gap between the AK-47 assault rifle as mythopoeic symbol of revolution, and the brutalist psychogeographic disconnect which tactical smart-missiles provide.

Below is a segment of an interview with Genesis Breyer P.Orridge on Svenonius' talk show, Soft Focus. Although spanning variant topics, in this clip P.Orridge highlights the crypto-symbolic graphic translation of the AK-47, reifying its potency as mythopoeic talisman, as manifestation of the iconic Eye of Horus - God of the Sky, God of War.

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