Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Judy vs. Carrie

Hello All!

After the Silverman seminar yesterday here are a couple of things...

Link to the recordings of the 'Her Noise' conference at Tate, as mentioned by Nicola.

Also, if you haven't seen these works by Oriana Fox before they might be of interest. Taking the voices from the 90s Sex and the City TV series, Fox re-enacts these through characters of an essential 70s Feminism. Rather than the piece working to be dismissive of one 'Feminism' in favour of the other, through the overlaying of voice it comments upon the conversation between different Feminisms. As Oriana enacts all the characters herself, it also links to the idea of being a 'Fan of Feminism' as discussed by Catherine Grant in her article 'Fans of Feminism: Re-writing Histories of Second-wave Feminism in Contemporary Art.

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