Sunday, 30 December 2012

Under cooked turkey

I was suckered in by the promise of neuroscience, only for everything, all the content, to be victim to the presenters broad brush strokes of charmingly curious (and oh too vocal) ignorance! Ahh BBC thank you for this under cooked turkey of a programme! I'm going to post it here for later and come back to it and google the neuroscientists to find out more about the details of their work. But from what I've seen on this show nothing is that new except the evidence to support the theory of the uniquely musical nature of humans - that primates don't dig rhythm. The connection of harmony and musicality in speech, across all languages isn't that astounding (after all Leonard Bernstein knew language was music before).

I always feel that MRSI is a way crude technology in many ways - where is Neil Cassidy?

Edit - though to be fair to BBC, they had a double of synthetic memory themed films afterwards! Moon then Blade Runner (new cut, HD).

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