Monday, 26 November 2012

Voices from the Depths

A nice little Radiolab episode here about cartoon polyphonies and the voice acting as a lifeline when physical conciousness is all but gone.

That's all Folks!

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  1. Amy - this is interesting, recently at the VoxLab symposium, Carolyn McGettigan talked of cases whereby people suddenly wake up unable not to speak in a foreign accent.... apparently there was a lady who never moved out of her home village but woke up with an 'east europe' accent (whatever that means) and carried signs to inform people it was a disorder..... ....I think Cartei et al 2012 - have something about spontaneous voice gender imitation in adults...

    This radiolab show just goes to show much of a persons soul is attributed to the voice... Did you see the recent panorama about finding a voice - it had nothing to do with voice or linguistics - but understanding if patients in a vegetative state could understand... ( - basically the term 'voice' was a substitute for all the most human things imaginable - is their brain trying to say something? Do they feel pain? Self awareness? Environmental awareness etc etc

    Going back to Mel Blanc - it's interesting to think of how people feel bugs bunny voice is bugs bunny - and Mel maybe wasn't truly Mel without his own voice.... Do Ventriloquists Need Their Dummy?!?!!?!