Sunday, 6 May 2012

Disa Sauter at Vox Lab conversations

Heard the voice of Disa Sauter at Affective Voices (Vox Lab conversations) - she spoke of some very interesting themes around heterologous relationships (<>) between neural emotional categories and their vocalized/semantic logosified correlates.... Her work looks fascinating.

She also spoke of how neurological to physical mechanisms interact with speech, how an angry utterance has an autonomous intonation and therefore received meaning from the semantic 'word'.... (she didn't mention chinese one syllable articles but I half expected it).... this research feels important for my recent obsession of how the sympathetic nervous system may interact with breath (which I believe is the soul of voice).... However in contrast to my thoughts she also spoke of how anger and nervousness affect the muscles of the face and therefor the speech - which throws my corny vowel/chest - consonant/mouth theory into doubt..... but in light of this theoretical parallelogram I started dwelling on whistling - a sonorous sound of breath granted resonance by the mechanics of the mouth, the tongue and lips (or teeth?) - an utter lie.... it is singing without the honesty of fleshy corporealization, a mechanically dishonest cyborgian siren - is this why whistling is so sinister? There is something creepy about whistling.


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