Saturday, 3 March 2012

Bubbles and Speech

I was in the garden blowing bubbles today when I was told about how bubble blowing is used as a tool for speech therapy....

Pretty much the first chapter in Sloterdijk is about the bubble's significance in regard to seeing ones own, breath, a visual of ones soul and a consequence of God's original ceramic-pnematic creation of Adam - God blowing life into his clay man. Seems like the link to subjectivizing ones breath and respiro-control is vital for learning to speak.


  1. Some more H action for you

    Here breath manifests as flame/fire/light(logos?)as affirmation of life.

    Compelling to reflect...

    Also Bryan Ferry and Rex Harrison's Higgins are now synonymous in my mind. Accent thieves that they are!

    I really should stop watching musicals

  2. Amy - that is too good, great spot! Mirror as a brief nod to post Freud concepts of subjectivation instances, fire cremating the dead symbols etc..... and to go back to my main man, Heraclitus, the pyrophilic, or rather pyrocentricism monist : "The death of fire is the birth of air, and the death of air is the birth of water." ... we can see this clip as as a nifty parallel! The other interesting thing about H is it's chameleonic pronunciation, only when you reduce it to a signifier in itself, of itself - only when you name H do you re-install the consonantal brutalisms common in other consonants, so it is only spectral in words, in sentences, amidst phonetactics....if you pluck it from this phonic environment, that it respiro vapourously haunts it return to the samurai sword of 'Aitch'!!!