Thursday, 18 November 2010


First of all - thank you so much for opening this space Mark!

I would like to share some Danish radio/sound bites with you. In this audio magazine you can find cool sound-stories:

Some of it is in Danish but some is also in English since Tim Hinman - the guy behind Thid Ear - actually is English and has been working for BBC before he 'got stuck' up north in the cold cold Denmark.

I actually heard him play sound scapes and radio bites tonight at Whitechapel Gallery. He used to work for the Danish national broadcast (a bit like BBC just a Denmark-size=smaller) and he played stuff he had made there too.

This way he actually told a story about how radio has developed in Denmark, a country which has a very strong tradition in that field. Among others he played a great piece about the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, one about the old part of Copenhagen - Frederiksstaden - and some more experimental sound stuff - all of it very well edited and very entertaining.

Like a true patriot I would suggest that we got him to do a guest lecture if possible? Let me know what you think of it guys and girls - and for the record he has got translations on a screen when Danish is spoken;-)

Best Kat

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